This page contains all my old videos which I no longer am hosting. They are available on my DVD or various Peer 2 Peer file-sharing programs.


Music: "Anipara Vol. 2 - Tank" by DJ Ken

Footage from: Cowboy Bebop

Director's Ratings:

Technical Artistic Timing
7 6 9

Director's Comments: This was basically my "warm up" Cowboy Bebop video - it was the first of 3 that I did after going over all 26 episodes of Cowboy Bebop. I hadn't been editing very much lately and I needed to get back in the groove so I just decided to do something fun and silly.

It's a good action vid - nothing more. It's fun, it's got it's cute moments, and it's timed pretty well. Fans of CBB will probably like it. =)

DivX AVI 320x240 19.7MB

MPEG1 352x240 32.8MB

DivX AVI 320x168 22.9MB

MPEG1 352x240 47.3MB

History Repeating

Music: "History Repeating" by the Propellerheads feat. Shirley Bassey

Footage from: Shinseiki Evangelion

Director's Ratings:

Technical Artistic Timing
6 6 6

Director's Comments: This is my second to last Eva video, but not one of my best. It's got it's cute moments, some fun lyric matches, but overall it lacks the punch of some of my better videos. Hopefully you'll still enjoy it, as it explores the more humorous side of Evangelion. =)

We 3 (Yuu, Your Girlfriend, and Me)

Music: "We 3 " by Soul Asylum

Footage from: Marmalade Boy

Director's Ratings:

Technical Artistic Timing
6 8 7

Director's Comments: I first heard this song as the ending theme of Chasing Amy (awesome movie) and it struck me a such a powerful song. I originally thought I'd do a video to something like Fushigi Yuugi from Hotohori's perspective, but then I came up with this parallel which was even better (plus at that time I didn't have the 2nd FY DVD boxset so footage selection was more limited). I think this works better anyways, although it still means I haven't made an FY video. That should change soon. =)

Anyways, this is basically my Sou Ginta tribute video. The poor guy ^_^ - what a terrible victim of circumstance. Well, at least he ends the series happy.

Enjoy the video - this is one of my more simple ones where I'm just telling a story. Don't expect to be wowed with special effects, this is a pure artistic, emotional one.

DivX AVI 320x176 29.5MB

MPEG1 352x240 59.6MB

Normal Version:
DivX AVI 320x240 11.4MB
MPEG1 352x240 24.2MB
Split Screen Version:
DivX AVI 640x240 14.9MB

MPEG1 640x240 29.9MB

Dual Opening

Music: "Zankokuna Tenshi no These" by Hidetoshi Sato

Footage from: Dual! Parare Runrun Monogatari

Finalist in the Comedy/Parody category at FanimeCon 2001

Director's Ratings:

Technical Artistic Timing
9 7 10

Director's Comments: When I first saw Dual I knew how derivative it was. Most people called it Tenchi Muyo meets Evangelion. Well, maybe at some point I'll do a Tenchi Muyo opening, but that wasn't nearly as interesting as the Eva opening, so I decided to do this one.

If you watch the side-by-side comparison of my video and the original Eva opening, you'll see that there's an accuracy of ±1 frame on all my cuts, and the scene compliments I chose are impeccable, if I do say so myself. Also, all the credits are accurate for Dual (except the opening song, of course) and the subtitles are using the exact same font, porportions, and positioning as the original (you can overlay them on top of eachother can be accurate to 5 pixels).

Yes, everyone whose seen this has told me I'm crazy. I haven't argued with them on that point. =)

All in all the 1:30second video took 4 days to do.

Closer to God

Music: "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails

Footage from: Shinseiki Evangelion

Winner for Best Technical/Innovative/Surreal Video at FanimeCon 2001

Director's Ratings:

Technical Artistic Timing
10 10 10

Director's Comments: This is my favorite video of all time. Mine or anyone elses, period. When I first got the idea for this video I wondered whether it would work. Then I listened to the song again and realized how perfect this was. Closer is the most raw, unadulterated love song of all time, sung by a man whose mental issues are mind-boggling - which fits perfectly with Shinji. If you listen to the lyrics and think about Evangelion, you'll see how well they actually fit, so well in fact that it scares me sometimes. There's another NIN song which fits very well, but I'm not telling anyone since someday I may go back and do that video. =)

Anyways, this video has strong language and sexual themes. But it's the most emotionally powerful video I've ever made.

DivX AVI 320x176 27.0MB

MPEG1 352x240 67.0MB

DivX AVI 320x240 26.4MB
MPEG1 352x240 68.1MB


Music: "Satan" by Orbital

Footage from: Sin - The Motion Picture

Finalist in the Horror/Suspense category at FanimeCon 2001

Director's Ratings:

Technical Artistic Timing
8 4 9

Director's Comments: This video was something I just wanted to do, it's not terribly artistic but it was the first video done exclusively with my DV500 and I wanted to see all the stuff I could do. Don't take this to mean it's a technical masterpiece, it's not, but it's got good timing and I think it's cool to watch. It's not very artistic, though, but if you're looking for action this video has it down.

I Can't Move On

Music: "Missing" by Everything But The Girl

Footage from: Marmalade Boy

Director's Ratings:

Technical Artistic Timing
9 6 9

Director's Comments: This is actually my third Marmalade Boy music video, but I'm posting it first because I think my other two are better. This one is good in its own right - I think it captures the emotion that I wanted to convey. At one point in Marmalade Boy, Miki has to deal with these unbearable feelings of loneliness, and this song by EBTG really captured that same feeling I was going for. The reason I don't think it's as good as my others is because it gets a little repetitive, thus the lower artistic score.


DivX AVI 320x240 30.1MB

MPEG1 352x240 64.2MB

DivX AVI 320x240 40.9MB
MPEG1 352x240 79.3MB

I Just Got Home

Music: "Ray of Light" by Madonna

Footage from: Macross Plus

Director's Ratings:

Technical Artistic Timing
7 4 8

Director's Comments: This was the third Music Video I ever made, and is probably one of my poorer ones. While there's some good timing in it, and the technical aspects are decent, I was just playing around with major transparencies for the first time and it shows. Looking back the video was just too busy and lacked artistic focus. I try to think of this as more of a tech demo, but I was trying to get a message across in it, it just wasn't executed very well. However, the progress I made with this video had a direct effect on "Closer to God" and then "Soul of an Angel" where I perfected the techinque I tried using in this video. You might see this video at FAnimeCon, we'll see...

Protect Your Kind

Music: "Protect Your Mind (Ayla Remix)" by DJ Sakin & Friends

Footage from: Ao no 6 Go (Blue Submarine No. 6)

Director's Ratings:

Technical Artistic Timing
6 4 8

Director's Comments: Being my first music video, I can honestly say that while I think this is a good music video for a complete newbie, it's not spectacular and sure isn't gonna win any awards. I was thinking about maybe entering this at Fanime but in the last two months I've done 4 more music videos so I really don't need this one to enter anywhere. I figure it'll be a piece of history for me too look back at and cringe (although I already do somewhat). Technically it's good, I did some cool stuff that I had never seen done before, but again artistically it has little merit. The video is fit to the music very well, but there's no deeper meaning or message in this one.


DivX AVI 320x240 30.1MB

MPEG1 352x240 64.2MB

DivX AVI 320x240 26.5MB


Music: "Elysium/Honor Him/Now We Are Free" by Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

Footage from: Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke)

Director's Ratings:


Director's Comments: This video is not finished. I'm just putting it up because I thought some people might be curious what happens when a video just doesn't work out. I got through the whole song, but by the time I was finished I realized the video just wasn't going to work so I left it in an unfinished state (I do all my videos and then go back and do sort of a proof-edit to tighten timing/etc, which I didn't do on this video). There are bad frames, mistimed cuts, etc etc. I didn't finish this because I wasn't sure whether it would work. A couple people have told me they think it's nice - but the problem is it's 8 minutes!

What this video DID do was give me some experience in instrumental pieces. The experience of making this video has lead directly to Evil Light - which DID turn out well and is another instrumental video, which I may or may not post in the near future.

Oh yea and the file sorta cuts out a few seconds before it should, but as I said this thing isn't important enough to warrant re-encoding the whole thing.